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Newsletter – January 2015

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[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtm mbn tt-upper” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h2″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]HEADACHES and JAW PAIN[/custom_headline]
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5 Simple Tips to REDUCE Pain!

Here are five simple lifestyle tips to reduce pain and discomfort:

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[icon_list_item type=”user-md”] Stop slouching! Proper posture and ergonomics can reduce the stress off the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”user-md”] Relax and address clenching and grinding of teeth. Stress is a main contributor to clenching the jaw and increasing tension in the TMJ.[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”user-md”] Heat/Cold – Cold can numb pain receptors and decrease swelling. Heat can also provide relief from pain and increase soft tissue mobility.[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”user-md”] Adjust diet – Eating softer foods puts less stress on the joint. Avoid gum, heavy chewing, big sandwiches, etc. and opt for softer foods like oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies and soups instead.[/icon_list_item]
[icon_list_item type=”user-md”] Exercise – Physical Therapist can help you implement an exercise program – utilizing stretching, massage, and gentle strengthening exercises.[/icon_list_item]
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For a Free Consultation, contact our clinic: 801-217-3755.


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[image class=”man” type=”thumbnail” src=”/images/john4.jpg” alt=”Dr. John Eichner PT, DPT”]
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[custom_headline class=”man” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″]Dr. Jon Eichner PT,  DPT[/custom_headline]

Doctor of Physical Therapy Layton, Clinic

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E-mail Dr. Eichner at:


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[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtn tt-upper” level=”h4″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]Experience Physical Therapy in A NEW Way![/custom_headline]
[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtm mbn” level=”h4″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]Enjoy our New Website[/custom_headline]

It’s NEW, it’s INFORMATIVE and it’s ONLINE NOW for you!

We’re kicking off the New Year with a sparkling new WEBSITE and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Go ahead, unleash you inner curiosity and check it out!


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[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtn tt-upper center-text” level=”h4″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]New Year… Old You?[/custom_headline]

Q: “Am I ever going to feel normal again?”

A: “Yes, you’re going to recover and return to normal activity.”

We understand musculoskeletal injuries can be frustrating. However, by implementing both stretching and strengthening exercises that address your injury; you can get back to what you enjoy.

For example, 90% of people who experience an episode of low back pain are feeling back to normal in 6 weeks. Neck pain and other joint issues are similar in recovery. Of course with some injuries recovery may be longer or require surgery but with persistent effort, appropriate early medical care and physical therapy we see excellent recovery rates and patient satisfaction.


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[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtn mbm tt-upper center-text” level=”h4″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]EXCELLENCE IS AWARDED AGAIN![/custom_headline]

Celebrating another national award! Back @ Work Physical Therapy was recently recognized with the OUTCOMES EXCELLENCE AWARD for exceeding the national average for our patient’s functional change scores.

Congratulations to our therapist who care for our patients with hands on, progressive, and evidence based therapy techniques and thank you to our patients for their dedication to their treatment plans. You are our success stories and we are honored you chose Back at Work Physical Therapy.


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[image class=”man” type=”none” src=”/images/2015-newsletter-pu.jpg” alt=”Do 12 pull-ups and get a gift card”]
[custom_headline class=”resp-h mtn tt-upper center-text” level=”h4″ style=”color: #9d2025;” accent=”false”]A Pull-Up CHALLENGE —
Are You In?[/custom_headline]

A lot of people can manage 3 pull- ups. Do you have what it takes to:

Knock-Out 12 Pull-ups in Under 2 Minutes? The pull-up is considered a true measure of strength by many trainers. Pull-ups work every muscle from your fingertips through to your shoulders and your back to hone a V-shapped torso and agile, athletic strength.

Stop in at our clinic in Layton or Logan, Knock-out 12 and receive a Gift Card to your choice of either Jamba Juice or Starbucks.


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